Served with home made chutneys 

Mixed Starters

1 person £5.95
2 persons £9.95

Onion bhajee, Haryal Tikka, Achari Tikki, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab


Vegetarian Starters

Tandoori Aloo
Chargrilled potato stuffed with nuts and cottage cheese
Shikam Piri Kebab
Potato, coriander, green chilli and yum
Onion Bhajee£3.95
Aloo Shingara
A classic version of the somosa, served with tamarind sauce
Pao Bhajee
Diced bombay spiced vegetables served with toasted buns
Haryal Tikka
Spinach and potato with medium spices pan fried
Pastry stuffed with peas and spices


Non Vegetarian Starters

Chingri Puri£4.95
Archari Tikki
Chicken marinated with home-made pickle and spices
Adarki Chops
Tender lamb chops with ginger, garlic, garam masala
Fish Amritsari
Fried tilapia fillets in an ajwain flavour gram flour batter
Minced chicken with coriander, fresh mint, garlic and ginger
Sheek Kebab£4.65
Chicken/Lamb Peri Peri
Cooked with hot sweet and sour sauce
Malai Chicken
Marinated with cream, cashew nuts, cheese
Bharwan Paneer Tikka
Stuffed with mint sauce, fresh beetroot sauce,
masala popadom, gram flour yogurt
King Prawn Shan E Thames Tandoor
Marinated ginger, garlic yogurt